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Ethan Ahlberg Class

Ethan Ahlberg Class


What we have done.

On Tuesday we did swimming we all had fun

Also at school we had English we learnt about adjectives and verbs also we had to name 3D 2D shapes in Maths.

Now this week all of us were learning about

Symmetry, seeing if shapes are symmetrical.

Last week we were learnt about the roman soldiers

And Boudicca we made wanted signs for Boudicca

And we have done some amazing cooking.

We made salad also we relax at the light sensory and dark sensory room we played  also team games in P.E

And in science we learnt about being healthy. On Fridays in the afternoon, we go to library to read some fantastic books also we play in soft play, we played a game in soft play called X factor Manor Green

Also we went on the computers in ICT.

That is all from me Ethan H in Ahlberg class

Have a good day.

Ethan H- Ahlberg class