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Pam Tovee – Maths' Specialist

I am extremely pleased to be working at Manor Green School.  I have 16 years’ teaching experience as a teacher in mainstream schools, teaching maths in Primary School and Science in all sectors of education.  My experience of working at a PRU was very exciting. During my time at the PRU, I taught children with a range of special needs and other complex learning difficulties and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I had been involved in teaching science to lower ability groups in mainstream, but this was a very different challenge. I had to be a learner as well as a teacher and I had to get some basic strategies in place pretty quickly. 

I am fortunate to now extend my remit into such a specialised Teaching and Learning environment, where I can focus on some key fundamental skills of maths:

1. Provide high quality intervention teaching ensuring that interventions meet the needs of all students and ensures high standards of attainment and progress; working mainly on a 1:1 basis or with small groups of students (1-2 students) through a programme of mathematical skills.
2. Provide an excellent environment and culture for learning in the intervention classroom.
3. Ensure my own practice is of a high standard.
4. Promote and inspire learners through planning which takes into account the needs and progress of all.
5. Actively seek student/ teacher voice/feedback to raise standards
6. Continually assess student progress.
7. Provide students, teachers and parents with high quality feedback in order to drive attainment.
8. To use available data to plan, review and monitor progress of all students in order to promote rigorous improvement of attainment.
9. To provide students with a range of enriching maths’ activities.
10. To contribute to and collaborate with the forward-thinking intervention team.