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Mother's Day pictures in Maidenhead Advertiser 23.3.17

Wilson class drew pictures of their mums and these can be seen on the website: pages 67-75


Deputy Mayor and Mayoress attend MGS secondary production

The Deputy Mayor and Mayoress attended our school production on Wednesday, 22nd March.  The article can be seen in this week's Maidenhead Advertiser.


Best practice recognised

I was made aware of the work that Ways into Work is doing in partnership with Manor Green School through accredited training with Ways into Work and then subsequently through a DfE-funded project called Employment is Everyone’s Business.  The work that they are doing together has been recognised as best practice by BASE, the Preparing for Adulthood Programme as well as the Department for Education.  It demonstrates the benefits of embedding employment into a vocational curriculum, using the supported employment model.  This has resulted in an increase in their employment outcomes as I understand, which was shared with me by the previous Principal.  In addition, it is recognised that it is also important to start early, and evidence shows that ensuring that children and young people with SEND see people working is so important to raise ambition in the system.  The work that they have done together has ensured that Manor Green School is also demonstrating what is both possible and positive from an employer perspective.  I and others continue to use this unique partnership approach as a best-practice example in the work we do for BASE as well as the Preparing for Adulthood programme.

Kathy Melling
Melling Training and Consultancy



Safer Internet Day 7.2.17

Next Tuesday, 7th February 2017 is  Safer Internet Day. Thames Valley Police is supporting this national campaign and a number of activities during that day. An online discussion is scheduled 10.30-11.30am, for parents and carers about keeping young people safe online. This can be accessed via the Force’s ‘Cover it Live’ discussion page. 

The Day promotes safe and responsible use of technology and is run by the UK Safer Internet Centre, supported by the NPCC, NCA and CEOP, along with police forces across the country. A wide range of information and educational resources for teachers, parents and young people is available via the  UK Safer Internet Centre website.

 The Safer Internet Centre is encouraging people to get involved in its #SID2017 social media campaign and Thunder Clap There is also the #giveasmile tag as well.

Weather warning 23.1.17

The Met Office has extended the level 3 cold weather alert for the South East region until 28th Jan. There is a 90% probability of severe cold weather/icy conditions over this period.

Weather warning 19.1.17

The Met Office has given a level 3 cold weather alert for the South East region, this means we are in a period of severe cold weather. There is a 90% probability of severe cold weather between today (Thursday 19 Jan) and 0900 on Tuesday 24 Jan.
As always our facilities team will be working hard to ensure the site is safe for our students and staff. 

School open 13.1.17

The school is open as usual today, 13th January 2017, and there are no foreseen issues with transport.

Weather warning 12.1.17

Please be advised that the school aims to remain open tomorrow depending upon weather conditions. The forecast indicates there is a possibility of the current rain turning to ice on the roads by the morning. There is also a possibility of a light covering of snow on top of the ice which would make driving conditions extremely dangerous. We are in close communication with the RBWM transport department regarding risk assessment of transporting our students to school. A risk for us to consider is students being stranded in vehicles on the road for extended periods of time, so we will be liaising closely with RBWM transport early in the morning to assess the likelihood of this being a possibility. If the risk is considered too high to transport students safely the school will make the decision to close for the day, if this is the case we will update the website, email parents before 8 am, there will also be a message on the main school number.  

If we do open in the morning and weather conditions unexpectedly deteriorate throughout the day, we may be forced to close early and will ensure parents are given as much notice as possible. Please be aware that in the case of the school being forced to close early, transport companies may not run a service and parents may have to make alternative transport arrangements to collect their children. 

We understand that this may cause some inconvenience to parents, but we will, as ever, be prioritising students safety.  

Possible snow closure 11.1.17

We are aware of the possibility of snow and are monitoring the weather conditions frequently. Should snow result in the need to close the school we will notify parents via RBWM, local radio stations and the website.

32nd Swimarathon 7.1.17

Manor Green School students and staff again took part in the 32nd Swimarathon at Magnet Leisure Centre on Saturday 7th January 2017.  There were three teams and we beat our record for lengths completed.  We were also privileged to have our photo taken with the Prime Minister.