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The Governing Board operates as a Full Governing Board (FGB) without any sub-committees.
All terms of office are four years.

If you are interested in becoming a Governor at Manor Green School, please contact the clerk: Sharon Glover at

Manor Green School: Governing Board 2020-2021

Governors  Roles and Responsibilities



Category Attendance at 2019-2020 meetings
Joolz Scarlett Headteacher September 2016
Headteacher   6/6
Gwenda Lilley

Vice Chair


13 September 2017 Co-opted 6/6
Fiona ODonnell
 Finance  23 March 2017 Parent  4/6
Richard Pelly Chair of Governors 6 July 2017 Co-opted 6/6
Peter Thorn

Health & Safety 
Pupil Premium

24 May 2017  Co-opted  6/6
Tabitha Marsh   11 December 2017 Parent 5/6
Helen McHale  Communications 22 April 2020 Local Authority 1/2
Rachel Goymer SEN 26 September 2018 Staff 6/6
Geetha Veerasamy   26 November 2020 Co-opted  
Jahseen Foster   26 November 2020 Co-opted  

The Chair of Governors or Clerk to the Governors can be contacted as follows:

Chair: via the school office or Clerk to the Governors

Tel: 07867 032251

Clerk: Sharon Glover 

Tel: 01628 513800


Annual letter to parents December 2020


Pen Profiles


Joolz Scarlett, Headteacher                                                

I have worked in education for over 20 years and my experience includes working with children and young adults across the primary, special and secondary sectors. 

I joined Manor Green School in 2013 as the Assistant Headteacher for the secondary department, became a Deputy Headteacher in 2015 and was very fortunate to be appointed Headteacher in September 2016.  I love working at the school and enjoy being surrounded by a variety of amazing young people and staff, which fulfils my passion for inclusion and working with children.

I grew up locally in Berkshire and am married with two children, who, along with Manor Green School and our large furry family, keep me happy and busy and, whenever I do have time to myself, I enjoy horse riding and live music.  




Richard Pelly
Co-opted Governor
Chair of Governors                                                     


I responded to a request by the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead (RBWM) in February 2017 to be the Interim Chair of the Governing Board of Manor Green School. I was subsequently co-opted and elected to the Chair in July 2017. I bring experience of 23 years as a governor, including 16 years as the chair of governors at a primary school within the RBWM.  

My working career included 33 years as a Marine Engineer Office in the Royal Navy. Afterwards I was employed for 12 years by a private organisation working closely with government promoting UK skills and expertise worldwide. This work included taking Trade Missions to various countries, mostly in the Asia Pacific markets.  

Now, as well as my roles as a school governor, I am the honorary Chief Executive of the Britain Nepal Chamber of Commerce and a director of a small property investment company.

Both for work and in pursuit of my mountaineering interests I have travelled widely.  I play golf (poorly), run occasionally, and still rock climb, though mostly on climbing walls these days.  My family, grandchildren and a dog also keep me busy!



Gwenda Lilley
Co-opted Governor
Vice Chair



I was born and brought up in North Wales and moved to London, aged eighteen, where I completed a Degree course in Chemistry and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.  I have taught in both the state and independent sectors and I am a team inspector for the Independent School Inspectorate. 
I retired three years ago but missed the classroom and the children so I applied to become a volunteer at Manor Green School.  I had been loosely involved with Holyport Manor for a number of years but a late friend and colleague, Elizabeth Hawkes, used to speak passionately about her wish (as the Education Cabinet Member for RBWM) to have a purpose built special  needs school in the borough. Sadly Liz died before Manor Green opened but I often think of her as I walk around the school. 
I was delighted to be asked to become a Governor at MGS.
I am also a Governor at Cox Green School and I am a board member of a charity which encourages young people to set up mini trading companies: Young Enterprise.
I enjoy travelling especially to visit my daughter and two little granddaughters in California.



Fiona ODonnell

Parent Governor


My name is Fiona ODonnell. I am a CIMA qualified accountant, currently working at IAG Holdings' head office, near Heathrow Airport, as the Head of Risk Management. I have spent most of my 20-year career in finance and related roles. In 2004 I gained an MBA from Warwick Business School. 

My 12-year-old son Fergus is currently at Manor Green School. He has been in special schools since reception, first at Booker Park in Aylesbury and at Manor Green since 2014. I see the mission of the school as helping each child make the most of their abilities and their life. As a parent to four children, in four different schools, in four different counties, I have gained a considerable breadth of experience of different educational settings and I have become passionate about getting the right education for our children.

With four children and a busy job I do not get much time to myself, but I enjoy getting away from everything with the family on a long summer and hosting Christmas at home for family and friends.



Peter Thorn 

Co-opted Governor

Health & Safety


Majority of professional career within education, teaching and management, most recently and prior to retirement as Principal of a vocational Further Education College. The college managed a ‘Pathways’ programme within the mainstream curriculum for students requiring additional learning and personal support throughout their studies.

Currently a Trustee of Adviza, an independent careers advisory and development service within the Thames Valley for young people and adults. Also a Trustee of a secondary school academy in Maidenhead where I chair the Finance and Resources Committee and am the Governor responsible for monitoring health and safety.

I am able to make a contribution at Manor Green based upon my experience and knowledge in managing and supporting the development of young people both academically and into adulthood. Governors have an important role advising and supporting the leadership team and their collective vision for the achievement and welfare of all students in their care and in giving them an enjoyable and rich experience. 


Helen McHale

Local Authority Governor                                                


I originally trained as a Registered General Nurse but then developed an interest in Early Years' Education when my children were young and this led to re-training as a teacher.

Since qualifying in September 1999 I have worked exclusively in the Foundation Stage and now am one of the Co-Headteachers of the Cookham, Maidenhead and The Lawns Nursery School Federation.  I am deeply committed to inclusive Early Years Education and am particularly passionate about maximising the children’s learning potential in the outdoor environment.

I hope that my Early Years' Headship experience will add to the expertise of the Manor Green School Governing Board. 



Rachel Goymer

Staff Governor                                                                


I have worked at Manor Green for five years. During this time I have been lucky to have the opportunity to work with a range of students and staff across the school.

I started my career in education specialising in Early Years Teaching. I spent time teaching in a variety of schools and across the primary age range. My time working in early years taught me how important it is to ensure children feel happy and safe in school, as well as the importance of learning actively through play. This has led to my further study for a master’s qualification in Education with a focus on emotional and social skills, as well as promoting positive mental health. I have worked in the secondary department in Manor Green and I have had full-filled the role of acting Key Stage Leader for Key Stage 3. After this I went on to continue to extend my skills by becoming Primary Link and Outreach leader and I currently hold the position of Head of the Link. We offer a therapeutic intervention for primary aged children to help them to regulate and take on the challenges of school life. I truly enjoy working at Manor Green, with the fantastic students and staff, that I get the privilege of working with daily. I hope to be able to use my experiences in education to support the development of Manor Green School in the future.

My weekends are filled with visits to friends and family, we will often enjoy a variety of board games. I enjoy going for long walks by the sea or across the moors, painting, and studying neuropsychology. I am also learning to play the harp!



Geetha Veerasamy

Co-opted Governor

I am of Indian origin settled in the UK for more than 15 years. I am a paediatrician with more than 20 years of experience and currently working as a Consultant Community Paediatrician. My role involves looking after children with complex medical needs. My hobbies include listening to music and reading. I can speak three languages, two of which very fluently. I think my background and professional experience gives me better insight into problems of children and young people with special needs and also helps me understand the problems that might be unique to diaspora from diverse ethnic backgrounds.



Jahseen Foster

Co-opted Governor

My name is Jahseen Foster and I am originally from Jamaica Montego Bay. I am from a large family consisting of nine brothers and six sisters. 

Growing up in such a huge family I have always been a people person who loves to learn about different cultures and ways of life. Consequently, I have traveled to various countries in Africa, the Caribbean and Europe, investigating educational systems and cultures. I have also worked with a small charity helping to provide better education for children and young people in Africa and Jamaica. I have also been involved in a project that delivered over 3000 books to libraries in rural areas of Africa and which provided school lunches for over 500 children.  

For the past two years I have been working at Manor Green School as a Special Educational Needs' (SEN) teacher,  but I have been working in education for over eight years. I am passionate about improving the life chances and aspirations of children and young people to reach their full potential. Consequently, I have a BA (Hons) degree in Child Development and Learning and a Master’s degree in Primary Education, which I acquired at the University of Reading.  

I have always wanted to contribute to the oversight of schools, which will be facilitated by my new role as a governor. This will enable me to contribute, in a positive way, to key decisions and discussions to help establish an inclusive and effective school environment for all students and staff. 




No governors have declared a business interest in the school
The Head Teacher, Rachel Goymer and Jahseen Foster have declared an interest as employees at the school and Peter Thorn's daughter is an employee at the school.

Governor Organisation Nature of Interest
Peter Thorn Cox Green School Member


Golden Rules
At our school we always:
Treat people kindly
Listen to each other
Look after our school environment
Do our best
(devised by School Council 2009)

To be the Centre of Excellence for students with special educational needs.

The Governing Board (GB) - purpose and function as defined by the DfE

The purpose of governance is to provide confident, strategic leadership and to create robust accountability, oversight and assurance for educational and financial performance.  

All boards, no matter what type of schools or how many schools they govern, have three core functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its students, and the performance management of staff; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent


The GB membership is defined by the school’s Instrument of Government dated 26 November 2020.  This specifies that the board consists of ten governors; 

  • One Headteacher,
  • Two parent governors,
  • One local authority governor,
  • One staff governor,
  • Five co-opted governors

A governor’s term of office is four years unless agreed otherwise at the time of appointment.
Co-opted governors are appointed by a majority of other governors.
In attendance - Clerk to the Governors.

The board may appoint, for defined terms, associate members for their particular expertise or contribution.

The GB will meet at least six times a year with the agenda and relevant reports ideally made available a minimum of seven calendar days before the meeting. 

Meetings may include, by exception, governors dialling in through conference calls or the use of skype for video conferencing to fulfil the quorum requirement when they cannot attend in person.

Minutes from a meeting should be available to governors within two weeks of the meeting.

If a governor fails to attend three consecutive GB meetings, the GB will question that individual’s commitment and contribution to governance. Where a governor has not attended meetings for six months, the GB will consider taking steps towards disqualification from office.

The Role

To undertake its role, the GB at its meeting, will:

  1. Receive and consider reports from the Headteacher and Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) regarding the school’s progress against the School Development Plan
  2. Receive and consider reports about financial performance, budgets and projections
  3. Receive and consider reports from each lead governor regarding the school’s effectiveness in that area
  4. Ensure that all matters requiring action following each GB meeting are agreed and recorded, including appropriate named responsibility and timing.
  5. Ensure that actions are then followed up and outcomes communicated to the GB to confirm completion. The GB will not wait until its next meeting to conclude matters outstanding.
  6. Make strategic decisions that ensure the school’s resources are used to secure the best possible outcomes for all students of the school
  7. Support and monitor implementation of the School Development Plan and relevant policies
  8. Ensure the school’s legal compliance and governance
  9. Make strategic decisions to ensure that the ACE Model is effectively implemented and monitored to secure best possible outcomes for the students
  10. Respond to identified areas of weakness and support effective strategies to deal with them
  11. Monitor the safeguarding of students and the wider SEN provision 


The quorum for GB decisions to be actionable is five governors.
Associate governors do not have a vote. 

Code of Conduct

Governors agree to abide by the Code of Conduct at the Annex.

These Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually.

The Governing Board approved these Terms of Reference on: 26 November 2020

Signed:    Chair of Governors
Signed:  Headteacher


Governor  Roles and Responsibilities Date Term of Office ended Category  Attendance at 2019-2020 meetings  
Sue Dutton Vice Chair 31.1.20 Local Authority 0/2