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Life skills

At Manor Green we aim to equip our students with the skills for a more self-sufficient, independent life beyond school. Life skills are an important tool for all young adults, integral to completing day-to-day tasks and enjoying new experiences. We combine interactive and practical solutions, encouraging ‘learning through doing’, to promote self-confidence, self-esteem, initiative and creativity. Students work together, developing new expertise whilst shaping their social skills and friendships.

  • Gardening

Students benefit from this hands-on experience, exploring and experimenting whilst working as a team towards a common goal. Gardening is a fantastic way to build on motor skills and patience, decrease stress and develop an understanding of cause and effect. Students find the experience rewarding, growing products that they can be proud of and can share with others.

  • Cooking

Students learn to prepare basic meals whilst gaining a multi-sensory experience of tastes, textures and smells. Motor skills are improved using different techniques of kneading and rolling and children benefit from a clear outcome and recognition.