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Quotes from students:

Manor Green School is a special needs school, we get lots of help and the teachers have more time for us. We make friends much faster. And there’s no bullies, everyone is happy and gets on with each other and there’s help if you need it and everyone gets on with their work. I love the school and if you think it’s bad you are mistaken ... In a mainstream the teacher is just there to teach you one lesson and you move on. Here though only the teacher moves on when you understand or the lesson is over and no time left in a mainstream it might be harder to make friends but here every one can be friends.
I think Manor Green School is a great school with great interest and we all feel like one big happy family
It’s a big advantage to have links with mainstream schools next door to us. The kids that are more able can go to the mainstream and study for work ahead of our lives and learn more. All the kids I’ve seen up there are very nice and have lots of respect for the kids here
One thing I can tell you: the rules are the same as the mainstream but a more relaxed. You find one or two things like when you are on your bus, you wait for teacher to come and get you... stuff like that

Quotes from parents:

If anyone ever needed a "pick-me-up" - just come to a Manor Green assembly! 
A brilliant show and nice opportunity for the kids to show us their bright side.  It's always good that all kids take part. 
Very friendly and helpful staff. 
Great time as always - we love visiting MGS!  Fantastic effort made with all the bonnets - beautiful.  Staff wonderfully friendly - as always!
I love the school.  EVERYONE COUNTS.  It amazes me how well the staff do.  Five stars *****. 
May I please say thank you all so much for all the help you have given Steven over the last two years at Manor Green. You have given me my son back. He has loved his time with you. Thank you all!
I am impressed by the ability of the school to overcome the impediments some of the children have. Well done to all!
Thank you to all staff and students for their hard work and enthusiasm. It was a “first” to see our son and grandson involved in the way he was!
All children really join in and enjoy their activities. Fully inclusive of all and a wonderful range of skills and abilities! Be brave and continue to do such marvellous shows again. Thanks to all the staff for the time and effort put in to make the show such a success.
Often outstanding but overlooked is a situation handled without fuss but by exceptional professionalist. As parents, we cannot say thank you enough and thanks to the staff we can be certain that our daughter will always be safe. We are very positive about Manor Green School and would like to sincerely thank you and your team for being exceptional.
The thing that I love about Manor Green School is that my daughter loves coming to school. I have recommended Manor Green to other parents for their children.
My son’s strengths and weaknesses are equally developed. He is treated fairly and allowed to be himself. Friendships between students are recognised and nurtured.
I appreciate the friendly attitude towards families and the caring way in which staff deal with the children
I am so happy that my child is accepted as a person.
Manor Green is a lovely school: caring, welcoming, respectful and understanding.
Staff really do work as one big team and I always feel able to voice my priorities
I really value Parents’ Friday Coffee Mornings as everyone there knows what it’s like to have a special needs child and how isolating it can be.
I like the text messages from the school reminding me about things.
The Communication Books are brilliant, because I can write as much as i need to without worrying about the space!
I like the fact that we feel part of the team to help my child be the best person she can be.
Nice vibe when you walk in – nice staff and kids seem happy!
How can Manor Green improve? You ARE the best and you can’t beat the best!!!
The best school in the Borough x a million!
I really like the Headteacher, the staff and the fact that the school is very well organised!
Manor Green School has incredible, positive and hard-working Headteacher, very friendly and positive members of staff and wonderful, hard-working Home-School Liaison Officer. All in all – amazing school!
At Manor Green is brilliant as it is: all children are equal and yet, every one of them is recognised as an individual
Manor Green is an excellent school and we shall be sorry to leave when we move. I wish the school could come with us!
Teachers have a “can do” attitude
Small groups give my child the attention needed
ACE Club offers excellent service to the children and ACE Club Manager, together with her staff team are simply the best!
My child really looks forward to coming to school and has made good progress and made friends. I rest assured that the school has got good medical care and my child is safe
Whenever concerns are raised, they are dealt with – I can phone and I am put through to the right person who can resolve any concerns.
For me – the school is perfect: I really cannot think of anything I would change!
We are very impressed with the general atmosphere and ethos of the school and the value placed on inclusion.
As a parent of a child who is unable to communicate, it is a relief to know that he is in a safe and caring environment
I think MGS is an exceptional school. Everyone works very hard to make it a wonderful environment, where all the children are able to express themselves and be safe at the same time. The facilities are fantastic so every child’s needs are met; and not just academically!
My son has changed so much since coming to Manor Green. He’s happier and more confident. I cannot praise the school highly enough for all their fantastic work. I would recommend this school (and have done!) to other parents.
In my opinion, the school has made big strides in improving environment, teaching and opportunities for students. For the future: just more of the same: continuing to plan ahead and look at ways to improve.
There are brilliant extra-curricular activities at the school: the ACE Club, the prom and a number of initiatives
We are extremely thankful that we were able to secure a place for our son at Manor Green – his learning experience has been transformed. He is allowed to have a “second chance”; when his behaviour has sometimes let him down. Staff seem to like him too, which has not always been the case in the past. His Specialist Support Assistant has discovered his sense of humour and developed a lovely relationship with him, which has boosted his confidence. He is VERY happy to go to school each morning and we, as his parents, are VERY happy with his school.
They said: we are here to help, and that’s just what I wanted to hear... without question he needed life skills. The care is second to none, they even called the air ambulance. They cope fantastically!

Quotes from other professionals:

I had a very favourable impression of the school when I dropped in the other day. Teachers smiled at me cheerfully as I entered the school; the foyer is spacious, well lit and attractively laid out; and sitting in reception I had an opportunity to see something of the school at work. A girl, who clearly had emotional and attainment difficulties entered in floods of tears after transport had been unable to take her home. Friendly staff intervened, calmed her down and jollied her along until arrangements were made to take her home. By that time, she was laughing. It was good to see this child dealt with so respectfully and positively. If that is typical of the school then next week deserved to be a very positive experience.
Headteacher of a local mainstream school.
I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the forward-looking Senior Leadership Team; by the consistently positive response of staff, students, parents and governors regarding the ability of the school to embrace diversity in all its forms; by the obvious and expressed high level of respect that members of the extended school family feel for one another; and by the dynamic vision of the Head Teacher, who has a concept of inclusion that extends far beyond the schooldays of her students.
Inclusion Quality Mark Assessor
Well done to all the scholars and staff for rising up to the challenge. It certainly makes us proud to see it!

Quotes from School Governors:

I think we are getting there. We are not there yet, but we’re getting there!
I’ve been empowered to develop my role into what I want it to be.
That’s what this school is all about: integration!
I’m very happy here – I enjoy my job. I love what I do!
What we do becomes normal to us but we don’t even realised sometimes how specialist what we do is...
I do anything and everything, and if I can’t do something, I try to find someone who can!
No matter how early you start with transition, it’s never early enough
I’ve got to know people and I have contacts everywhere. I just love it! Coffee mornings are quite diverse: granddads, aunts, uncles, next-door neighbours. I would like to run crèche so that we don’t rule out parents with little ones at home