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Outreach Service

The service is provided by Manor Green School working in partnership with CYPDS and Psychology and Wellbeing to promote change and strengthen the inclusion of children and young people with SEND in mainstream settings.

Our Aims:

To aid pupils with EHCPs in fully accessing both the curriculum and social and personal aspects of school life through a programme of support designed specifically to meet their needs.

To provide training for schools in order for them to build capacity to meet pupils’ needs and provide a service that forms part of RBWM’s spectrum of provision for pre-school, primary and secondary aged pupils with SEND.

To provide support to schools in RBWM to meet the needs of pupils with EHCPs within a mainstream, inclusive setting, by responding positively to requests for training, assessment, advice and focussed support.

To help provide a smooth transition for children with EHCPs from pre-school to school and from primary to secondary.


What we do

We provide specialist training, development and support for staff in mainstream schools so that they are better equipped to help children and young people with SEND.

The service is available to mainstream schools and settings with a pupil who has a Statement or Educational Health Care Plan, where the school or setting would benefit from specialist advice, usually in the short term, on how best to support them.

We can help those with children that have:

  • Complex needs, for example: Global Developmental Delay
  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Communication and interaction difficulties or diagnosed Autistic Spectrum Conditions
  • Mild physical disabilities, such as impaired motor skills, to more complex physical disabilities

Outreach Support for Mainstream Schools:

We will provide training for schools on specific special educational needs and on strategies to support pupils with additional needs. Areas of training include: Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Global Developmental Delay, positive handling and de-escalation, Lego Therapy.

We run drop in advice sessions for schools to discuss ways to meet the needs of pupils with additional needs. The dates of these ‘Surgery’ sessions are provided at the end of this document and will be posted on the Outreach section of the school website. Free resources and information leaflets are also available on the Outreach section of the school website.

School staff will be supported to develop their understanding of different needs and strategies where we offer training and information sessions focusing on a range of topics including communication, PECS, assessment and using a SEND focused curriculum.

We use a modelling-type approach, on the requesting school site, training and modelling alongside staff. We also welcome staff from schools to tailored visits at Manor Green School to discuss resources, to observe teaching and learning and/or a specific teaching and learning technique. As such, we offer opportunities to develop strategies through observations, team teaching and the modelling of strategies on both school sites.

We offer use of, and help create, differentiated resources and communication aids, for example: words and symbols, to aid the pupil in fully accessing the curriculum. These resources can be provided for parents to use at home to ensure consistency between home and school.


  • For pupils to receive targeted support in order to address their needs and make their school placement successful
  • For schools to develop strategies to meet the needs of their learners
  • For pupils to access the best possible placement in order to meet their individual needs.

Support for named pupils:

As part of our outreach programme, we will visit your school and observe the targeted child and create a planned programme of support, consisting of regular sessions tailored to the pupil’s individual needs taught by our outreach teacher.

We will liaise with teachers and support staff to offer advice and strategies to be used in the classroom, including differentiated planning and assessment.

An outreach support plan will be created to identify clear aims for the pupil. This plan will identify the steps required in order to reach their goal.

The support plan will be individual to the pupil and may involve:

  • Strategies to support the pupil in their current setting with guidance and training for staff in order to effectively deliver the strategies
  • Recommendations for therapeutic support or intervention package
  • Individualised learning goals based on their need
  • Supported transition to prepare for a new educational setting if required

Referring a child

A school or setting can make a referral by completing the request for outreach support. This form can be found on the school website. You can also contact Helen Hannam, Deputy Head Teacher at Manor Green School: