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Trainers: Warren Griffiths and Amelia King 

£130 per delegate (incl. materials)

Departmental guidance recommends that all staff who are likely to need to use physical interventions in the course of their work should receive clear guidance and appropriate training so that they can do it properly and safely.

Health and Safety legislation also requires employers to provide relevant training to reduce risk wherever it is foreseeable. Team-Teach training is designed to help employers who have a duty of care to fulfil that duty.

Team-Teach is recognised across the UK and around the world as the appropriate training model because it was specifically designed for caring services by experience and qualified teachers and residential care workers.

It provides the correct balance in reducing risk, restraint and restriction within a clear ethical framework.

Many of the services and organisations that have been rated as “Outstanding” or “Good” by independent regulators benefitted from Team-Teach training.

• Team-Teach training has evolved from a residential care, education & health background of working with children and young people across the age ranges, with a variety of emotional, social, behavioural, learning and medical needs.

• Team-Teach employs a whole staff holistic approach with a follow up post repair, reflect & de- brief response for both staff and service users concerned.

• Emphasis being on “calm” communication and defusing skills that work best for the specific individual concerned, acknowledged within the care, behaviour or education plans.

• Physical responses are underpinned by values and principles that fit within a culture and ethos of positive educative care. There is an emphasis on individual human rights, responsibilities, choices and consequences.

• Strategies are flexible and yet robust enough to make us all feel free from fear and safe from harm.

• Standing and seated holding positions are preferred to ground holds.

• The key message being that 95% or more of all incidents should be managed without recourse to physical interventions.

• Following training there should be a decrease in the amount of incidents involving the use of physical interventions. The emphasis is on protecting and promoting positive relationships between service providers and users.

In terms of training options, Manor Green School provides: A 6 hour Foundation Course (Low risk), and a 12 hour Basic course (Medium risk). The preferred training model is for all staff within a low risk Education, Care and Health service settings to undertake a minimum of 1 Day Foundation Course (6 hours).

Our aim is to work together to safeguard people & services, striving towards restraint free environments where all individuals are free from fear and safe from harm; where we can all grow, evolve, learn and achieve within the limits of our potential.

I hope you will find the training both useful and enjoyable. It is a first step, following training the challenge will be to maintain and refresh the knowledge, skills and understanding gained.