Academic Interventions

Keswick School Head


My role is to oversee the academic interventions that take place at Manor Green School. I also support both the students and parents who are exposed to other languages in the home.

I started my teaching career as a mainstream primary class teacher which became more specialised when I moved to RBWM and joined the Ethnic Minority Achievement Team (EMA). Through this team, the language needs of the students were supported across the Borough.

Here at Manor Green School, my journey started in Key Stage 3 as a class teacher, following onto Key Stage 5. My role became more specialised through setting up the EAL department. My key responsibility is to raise the standards of teaching, learning and attainment for students with English as an additional language. To develop life skills and a life-long passion for learning in children is one of the most precious gifts a teacher can give.

Another responsibility I have is to engage and develop partnerships with parents, particularly the most economically disadvantaged groups in British society. The school is also very keen to celebrate the equality and cultural diversity of the school population. Hopefully you will have noticed our ‘language of the month’ board in the main foyer of the school which links to our assemblies each month. It is important that our staff are recognised for the many different skills and talents they have.

As you can imagine my day is varied and interesting and I am totally committed to the students and their families at Manor Green School.

Katie Gear
Interventions Manager and EAL Specialist
Manor Green School