Head of Maths

AMELIA NIELSEN - Head of Maths

Maths HTLA


The overarching aim of the maths department is to provide students at Manor Green School with the opportunity to develop their maths and numeracy skills. Furthermore, it is our intention that every student will leave Manor Green School having made progress specific to them. 

This is achieved through: 

  • Assessing students at the start and end of the academic year to acknowledge gaps in current knowledge and review any progress in learning, respectfully
  • Promoting active learning in both cross-curricular and discrete maths lessons
  • Offering high quality intervention teaching, working with and supporting class teachers, as well as small group and 1:1 sessions where necessary in accordance to the interventions policy.  
  • Differentiating the maths curriculum for First School, Specialist, Working Towards and Independence clusters
  • Support students aiming for examination qualifications to develop good exam techniques. 
  • Keep up to date with new teaching and learning practices or ideas and implement those which are best for our students, for example: Touch Point Math used in USA. 
  • Ensure regular communication between my department, class teachers, cluster leaders and Heads of Department so that we focus on the students' needs first and allow feedback to improve standards.