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what our staff say

We hope you enjoy hearing from a few members of staff at Manor Green School:

“My career was originally destined for the military but working here is life changing. I have never looked back and am now in my fourth year.  I work in Key Stage Four and have just taken up the exciting role of Educational Visits Coordinator for the whole school. It has been so meaningful to work in an environment that is so transformative for students and their families; I get up every day looking forward to work and the challenges ahead. The support of the staff network, the teamwork and fantastic atmosphere is a huge strength of the school alongside the inspiring work of Mrs Eleanor Sheehan, Assistant Headteacher for the Secondary Department, her ongoing work and educational journey.

The students of Manor Green School are inspiring. It is a privilege to support them on their journey, watching them grow and achieve incredible milestones every day, however small these may be. Parents can expect an outstanding education and outcomes for their children, through our commitment to making a difference, watching each student succeed and giving them a voice. Life at Manor Green School forces you to reflect on your privileges and the things we take for granted. We are committed to going on this educational and life journey with each student.”

Sarah Fraser, Class Teacher


My ambition is to be a teacher within the next 4 years and I am confident that Manor Green will help make this ambition a reality. I have been working full-time at Manor Green since September 2015 and this is my first job after finishing my studies at sixth form college. I have been overwhelmed by the welcome and induction I have received since joining.

Manor Green has a good reputation and really impressive facilities and learning environment. The needs of the children are catered for in every way and there is a strong community feel within the school and good relationships between parents and staff; the open door policy works so well. Parents’ expectations are that their child will be treated as an individual and they will receive the best care and support in the borough.

The highlight of being part of Manor Green is the progress I see the children make; day to day, week to week – the focus here is giving children their independence. There was one student I worked with who was very unsteady on her feet. We tried different methods and she can now walking down the corridor without any support – this job is really rewarding.

The next progression route for me is to train to become a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA); I will then be managing a small team. Next stop qualified teacher!

Jacob van Geene, Specialist Support Assistant (SSA)


“My passion for SEN education began through my experiences working with underprivileged children in Mexico, an experience which enlightened me to the value and positive impact on a young person’s life that one could have. I have also had a variety of great experiences working in Windsor as a teaching assistant supporting students with SEN in a mainstream setting to having taught in several mainstream schools in Maidenhead as part of my PGCE training.

Working for Manor Green School has brought a plethora of amazing experiences and enabled me to be part of this fantastic team working to achieve that excellent outcome for every young person.

I first came to the school as part of my PGCE and am now in my fifth year, with the new position of Assistant Headteacher for Secondary. Within this role I would like to achieve a clear destination for every student leaving us; for them to have a meaningful life beyond Manor Green School through our successful employability programme, helping to secure paid, meaningful work placements. We are a community that supports young people for their future and parents who are on a difficult journey, providing a personalised approach for their child and promoting communication between parents, pupils and the school.

Our holistic model, the ACE model, I truly believe in. We are here to develop the whole person, celebrating every small progress of every young person and moving them on to be independent, mapping a whole journey from aged 2- 19.”

Eleanor Sheehan, Assistant Headteacher for Secondary Department


I am passionate about my life at Manor Green. I had 12 years of teaching experience when I started at this school in October 2013 and when I came to interview I had such a positive day and was surrounded by happy children. We are teaching and working in the most extraordinary building and space, in a beautiful part of the country; within a culture of trust and respect for each and every member of staff. I feel truly valued as an employee and as a respected professional in my field. I have never worked in a school that has such high regard for its staff.

I have been supported to achieve the QTS qualification in SEN, and have subsequently been promoted to KS5 Leader. I bring experience from the mainstream post-16 sector and have been asked to lead on a number of initiatives including supporting other members of staff on the delivery of accredited qualifications eg. BTEC and ASDAN.

We work with a wide range of external professional organisations including employers, colleges and Adult Health and Social Care. We provide an array of opportunities, visits and work experience so that our young people can make informed choices about their futures. We want our young people, their families and carers, to believe in themselves. We want our students to take control of their lives, be involved in the decision making process and grow in confidence and stature beyond life at Manor Green. There is a real cultural shift at Manor Green; parents are increasingly better informed about their children and their potential futures with growing confidence that their sons and daughters can and will achieve.

This school is constantly evolving and changing when it needs to change. The culture and ethos at Manor Green is that we are student-centred and a school willing to take risks – we offer on the job coaching and are always looking at opportunities to invest in our students and staff. 

Simon Calvert, Key Stage 5 Leader


“I have always been a people person; I love to help people, to understand their needs. My experiences running a restaurant taught me the ability to read characters, to know how to address differently and change my language according to the people I was speaking to. My journey into teaching began with tutoring one of the local children who suffered from severe dyslexia. Being dyslexic myself, I understood the difficulties involved and thus was keen to engage and to tutor.

Manor Green School is amazing, the school accepts students from all walks of life and abilities, catering for so many different needs and specialising in autism. Each year is different and brings with it a new challenge and different pupils to get to know, it is a fascinating environment in which to work and so much can be learnt here.

My seven years at Manor Green School have enabled me to experience a variety of roles, from Specialist Support Assistant, to a Newly Qualified Teacher, to an interim middle leadership role of Key Stage Leader for Early Years and Key Stage 1 and my current permanent position of Key Stage 2 Leader.

The training and development opportunities that Manor Green School provided me were second to none. Having experienced the different levels throughout the structure of the school I have a clear understanding of the relevance and significance of every setting to the students here and I look forward to continuing to progress personally and within my career with the support of the school.”

Ginny Jago, Key Stage 2 Leader


“I have been at Manor Green School for 3 years, starting of as a Specialist Support Assistant. In my second academic year, I completed my teacher training with the Schools Direct Programme that was funded by the school and the Borough. It was hugely beneficial for this programme to be salaried. I am now in my Newly Qualified Teacher year as a Class Teacher in Key Stage 1 and I am loving it.

I was attracted to Manor Green School because of its exceptional facilities, its outstanding ethos and its good attitude towards special needs. I have always wanted to work with individuals with special needs but also have an interest in specialising in behaviour.

The school provides excellent training for its staff. For example, every Tuesday we have carousel training, providing staff with a wide range of training and development opportunities throughout the year. Staff really value this and I do not know of another special school that offers this. We love to be constantly learning.

Manor Green School values its staff and takes the time to learn about everyone’s skills so that we can make the most of them. For example, I completed a Masters in Applied Drama where my main focus was on drama with individuals with special needs. The school recognised this and I am now taking a drama class once a week.

Caroline Greenstreet, Class Teacher


“I am a former student of Manor Green School, then known as Holyport Manor School. I left school and threw myself into adult life, working in companies such as binding and building companies, where I utilised my manual skills.

I have been working at Manor Green School for 10 years now and have truly progressed here. I first started working in the school’s greenhouse which I set up and managed. Students learn important life skills here and we often use the produce we grow in the school kitchen. It is inspiring to be a part of this. Through training and CPD opportunities provided by Manor Green School, I was supported in developing into a new role as a DT assistant, providing support to our students on a one to one basis.

The highlight of my work at Manor Green School has been seeing the students progress and develop life skills and being proud of what they achieve.”

Gary Morgan, Specialist Support Assistant


"I have been at Manor Green for 5 years. My role is Front of House, carrying out reception and administration duties as well as meeting and greeting parents and visitors.

I love my job and look forward to coming to work every day. My favourite aspect is the interactions with our students and seeing them blossom and thrive. It is a safe nurturing environment where every staff member cares and wants to work here.

The strengths of Manor Green School are that everyone is 100% committed to the students in terms of wanting the best outcome for them socially, emotionally and educationally. We also build good relationships with our parents, supporting them throughout their child’s time at school.  Regular coffee mornings are held where parents/carers can meet, we also invite speakers to give support and advice.

Parents can expect their children to gain confidence in themselves and their own ability. We create a personalised approach for every student through our small class sizes with teachers and support staff who have extensive knowledge of each child, their needs and work together to achieve.

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to see our students progress and see the small milestones they make every day. For example, I have seen a student who was non-verbal when he first started and now you cannot stop him from talking. He often comes to Reception to sing to us!!

This is one of the many reasons why Manor Green School is a wonderful place to work. How many jobs can give you that sort of experience."

Pat Morgan, School Business Support


Prior to starting at Manor Green School I had no clear career direction and then had a life changing event. I was hypnotised on TV and post this experience realised that I needed to review my work options so I went into an agency to find a job… and found Manor Green. I have never looked back. I started as a Specialist Support Assistant (SSA) 3 years ago and loved it from the very first day. I am overwhelmed by the openness of the school, how everyone talks to each other, and being part of an organisation that values its staff which feeds into the well-being of our students.

Every single day our students will be pushed to reach their potential and to excel. Every member of staff is striving for success for their students. I would encourage more men to join the profession because it’s rewarding and fulfilling.

My ambition is to be a behaviour specialist and I know that Manor Green will continue to support my in any way it can to ensure that I realise my potential and ambitions.

Steve Brosnan, Behaviour Support