What our staff say

We hope you enjoy hearing from a few members of staff at Manor Green School:

I joined Manor Green in 2018 with no previous school experience. 

I worked in retail as a bank manager for 15 years, it was only when my husband had finished training in his career that allowed me the time to focus on my passion and change mine.  

Working in the school has been an amazing experience; - I get to work with students that inspire me daily. I work to support them achieving their milestones, working on their independence and setting them up for their future successes.  I enjoy my job; every day is different and has unique challenges that allows me to use my creativity to find solutions.  I have recently become a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) and I love the new dynamic of my role.  I lead a small team and we together support the teacher and the students. 

The school network team is like no other I've worked with; the staff are all so supportive and there is a fantastic energy and atmosphere.  The school facilities are incredible and really allows us to tailor the way we approach learning for our students. We are all there working towards one goal, working for the students. 

Alison Hawkins, Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Before working at Manor Green School I worked in a care home for the young chronically sick and the elderly for 15 years before taking time out to become a mummy to my 3 sons.

I began my career at MGS as an SSA when my youngest started school as I was inspired to support and help students with learning and physical needs.  As I wanted to develop my career I worked on my skills and successfully became a Higher Learning Teaching Assistant.  

One passion of mine whilst working here, has been about the Safer Handling of students and I have specialised in this area by becoming a Manual Handling Champion and then trained to support with Safer People Handling training and now provide support, advice and training to both internal staff and external schools in the area as a Safer People Handling Trainer. 

As Senior HLTA now, I have been at MGS for over 6 years and I love working here.  Working alongside incredibly wonderful staff, who are committed to supporting their team members - we guide each other to not only be better people but encourage further development of ourselves.  For me though the biggest job satisfaction is watching the students grow and achieve the best of their ability despite any challenges they may face.

Suzanne Wrigglesworth,  Senior Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Working at Manor Green School has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I was a supply SSA through Reed Education for a month and a half, SSA for 3 years, HLTA for 3 years and now I am the Music Trainee Teacher. In my 6 and a bit years with the school I have gained so much experience, built a wealth of knowledge and met some of the kindest, most caring people anyone could hope to know. Manor Green is a massive part of my life, it’s a fantastic education facility and I feel privileged to be able to contribute to such a meaningful and rewarding establishment. 

Andrew Thomas, Trainee Teacher

I joined Manor Green in September 2016 as Deputy Head Teacher. I had spent 20 years in mainstream education, working in Hong Kong, special educational needs, safeguarding and in various pastoral roles. My passion is special educational needs and having supported a Manor Green student in a mainstream placement, I decided to apply for the Deputy Head role here. Manor Green is a very special place to work and I am extremely proud to be part of the team here. The staff are exceptional and make learning come to life in a happy, safe and secure environment for our amazing students.

Over the past 5 years I think we have seen Manor Green go from strength to strength because of the quality of the staff and the vision that we all share. It is a fabulous place to be, made even more special for me  as I bring my dog ‘Lanson’ to work with me as well. The students love him and he loves coming to school.

Helen Hannam, Associate Headteacher

Before working at Manor Green School and before entering the teaching profession I was an Outdoor Instructor and Outdoor Education centre manager. I was lucky enough to work all over the world including Australia, the middle east and Switzerland. I came back to the UK to begin my teaching career and have now been at Manor Green for just over 2 years in total.

The thing I enjoy most about Manor Green is working alongside the MGS team, therapy team and parents in order to support the wellbeing and outcomes for our students. I am very proud that Manor Green is a nurture school and that we are able to provide a nurturing environment where our pupils can thrive.

Recently I have set up a forest school as part of the school’s enrichment programme and one thing I am really enjoying at the moment is making progress with this, with the hope of developing a more permanent forest school on site in the future. My approach to teaching is to give active and sensory experiences to help my students learn and Manor Green is very supportive of this strategy. I have always found the senior leadership team within our school to be very approachable and understanding whenever there have been challenges within my job role. Over the next few years at Manor Green I am looking forward to developing my practice further and developing more outdoor learning opportunities within our school. 

Jonny Inglis, ClassTeacher

My career was originally destined for the military but working here is life changing. I have never looked back and am now in my fourth year.  I work in Key Stage Four and have just taken up the exciting role of Educational Visits Coordinator for the whole school. It has been so meaningful to work in an environment that is so transformative for students and their families; I get up every day looking forward to work and the challenges ahead. The support of the staff network, the teamwork and fantastic atmosphere is a huge strength of the school alongside the inspiring work of Mrs Eleanor Sheehan, Assistant Headteacher for the Secondary Department, her ongoing work and educational journey.

The students of Manor Green School are inspiring. It is a privilege to support them on their journey, watching them grow and achieve incredible milestones every day, however small these may be. Parents can expect an outstanding education and outcomes for their children, through our commitment to making a difference, watching each student succeed and giving them a voice. Life at Manor Green School forces you to reflect on your privileges and the things we take for granted. We are committed to going on this educational and life journey with each student.

Sarah Fraser-Thwaites, Assistant Headteacher: Specialist

I am a former student of Manor Green School, then known as Holyport Manor School. I left school and threw myself into adult life, working in companies such as binding and building companies, where I utilised my manual skills.

I have been working at Manor Green School for 16 years now and have truly progressed here. I first started working in the school’s greenhouse which I set up and managed. Students learn important life skills here and we often use the produce we grow in the school kitchen. It is inspiring to be a part of this. Through training and CPD opportunities provided by Manor Green School, I now support students as a Design Technology Assistant.

The highlight of my work at Manor Green School has been seeing the students progress and develop life skills and being proud of what they achieve.

Gary Morgan, Design Technology Assistant


I have been at Manor Green for 11 years. My role is Front of House, carrying out reception and administration duties as well as meeting and greeting parents and visitors.

I love my job and look forward to coming to work every day. My favourite aspect is the interactions with our students and seeing them blossom and thrive. It is a safe nurturing environment where every staff member cares and wants to work here.

The strengths of Manor Green School are that everyone is 100% committed to the students in terms of wanting the best outcome for them socially, emotionally and educationally. We also build good relationships with our parents, supporting them throughout their child’s time at school.  Regular coffee mornings are held where parents/carers can meet, we also invite speakers to give support and advice.

Parents can expect their children to gain confidence in themselves and their own ability. We create a personalised approach for every student through our small class sizes with teachers and support staff who have extensive knowledge of each child, their needs and work together to achieve.

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to see our students progress and see the small milestones they make every day. For example, I have seen a student who was non-verbal when he first started and now you cannot stop him from talking. He often comes to Reception to sing to us!!

This is one of the many reasons why Manor Green School is a wonderful place to work. How many jobs can give you that sort of experience.

Pat Morgan, School Business Support