Learning Experience

Learning Experience

Manor Green School has high aspirations for our students and aims to provide a high quality and balanced education that focuses on individual, personal and academic achievement.

Our approach to learning is collaborative, multi-disciplinary, individualised and holistic. It is flexible and tailored to optimise individual rates of progress and attainment and encourages the development of confident, well adjusted, sensitive and independent young people.

We are a learning organisation and so we are proud of the outstanding progress our students make, but we remain open to changing the ways we approach teaching and learning. We communicate openly with our students, their families and other schools to make sure that our curriculum and methods of delivery adapt to the ever-changing world of education. 

My daughter went through so much before she came to Manor Green School but she is now doing so well and I believe it is because of the dedication of her teacher and support staff  (MGS parent - Summer 2021)

Learning Environment 

Learning is promoted through well organised classrooms and learning environments across the school which allow students to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills across the curriculum and personal needs, and encourages independence, problem solving and contextualisation of learning. This allows them to develop through independent or supported engagement and enquiry and the promotes the best use of space and the range of learning resources available. 

Everything we do is through personalised learning and supports students as individuals, incorporating their individual needs, interests and ways of learning.