Friends of Manor Green School

Friends of Manor Green School (Charitable Trust)

Charity number 1085446

Manor Green School currently has over 200 students - all with special educational needs, and the school’s charitable funds are used to further advance the education and recreational opportunities of the students.

One of our aims is to develop the independence skills for young people with learning disabilities to the highest possible level, by providing high quality sensory facilities for use by young people, their families and community groups.

Sensory items are needed to meet the increasingly high level of sensory needs of the children who are becoming our regular population. Whilst the school is funded by the Government/Local Authority to provide a basic education, there is a shortfall in funds to purchase exciting technologically advanced sensory equipment for students to use alongside their curriculum and, in particular, to enhance their recreational activities. This equipment is specialised and expensive.

We are keen for the school to be used by the community, especially those with learning disabilities, and have increased the amount of ‘out of hours’ use for weekend and holiday clubs for children with extreme sensory needs.

Extending the opportunity to attend this extra provision is of significant benefit to families, as it provides quality time for parents/carers to spend with other siblings. If you would like to support the school and make a donation, please contact the school at

You can also help by donating your time, which is always appreciated. Volunteer opportunities are available by contacting Helen Reeves, Head of HR at:

Thank you in advance for your support!