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our facilities

We boast a wide range of facilities to aid and develop each of our studnets’ skills whilst facilitating new experiences for enjoyment, happiness and life-satisfaction.

Hydro pool

Our hydrotherapy pool is well-loved by staff and students alike. Students have fun, whilst benefiting from the warm temperatures and lack of gravity. The pool provides a unique experience for children to be free from the limitations of land, this means accessing new movements, strengthening muscles, improving fitness and circulation whilst being free from pain. 

Soft play room

Play is an important part of every young person’s life. Our soft play room promotes social skills and interaction whilst boosting confidence and self-awareness. Students enjoy the toys whilst developing their creativity and imagination.

Performing arts space

Our large performing arts zone provides ample room for students to explore their creativity using multi-sensory experiences. Drama and dance are an opportunity for self-expression, developing language skills and enhancing personal well-being. Many students find performance empowering and enjoy the recognition and praise that comes as a result.

Art and DT facilities

Art therapy is well-known for aiding expression within those who have difficulty producing words or describing feeling. All students benefit from arts at Manor Green as a fantastic outlet for emotion and creativity. Students develop social skills whilst gaining self-esteem and self-worth through producing a visible outcome.

Outdoor space

Our extensive grounds allow for students to play, learn skills and enhance their health in a fun, healthy environment. Our greenhouse and gardening facilities are well- loved by our students, who enjoy the sensory and motor benefits that they bring.

Light and dark sensory rooms

We possess both light and dark sensory rooms, which provide a unique place for students to be calm and de-stress. The rooms are designed to stimulate students’ sensory skills and increase co-ordination and balance. They enjoy the soothing aromas and textures whilst developing practical skills.