Keswick School Head

Welcome to Manor Green School - the Centre of Excellence for Inclusion and one of the most successful special schools in the country.

I am honoured to be its Headteacher and work with a wide range of exceptional professionals offering outstanding education and therapy to students aged 2 to 19, all of whom, due to their complex special educational needs, require specialist provision to succeed academically and achieve their full potential. I hope you find our website useful, but, as it serves merely as an introduction to the amazing work taking place at Manor Green School every day, I strongly encourage you to visit us and see for yourself the students and staff in action! Meanwhile – a few facts which you might find interesting:

Manor Green School moved to its brand new campus in 2010 and we all feel truly grateful and privileged to work and learn in such a wonderful environment. Manor Green School is a good school with many outstanding features [Ofsted, 2017]. In our work with the students, we follow the principles of working in small classes with high levels of teaching and support staff who offer intensive pastoral support and guide the teaching, learning and therapy process.

(mgs parent - SUMMER 2022)

At Manor Green School we will celebrate diversity in our whole school community and ensure students have equal access to stretching learning opportunities, no matter what their ability. Staff will work collaboratively to pass on their knowledge and give students the skills they need in preparation for adulthood. All students will benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum delivered in a cross-curricular, multi-disciplinary way that we call ‘Choose to Nurture Enterprise’. This will promote active learning, which will help them develop knowledge and skills they can generalise across different contexts.. Students will gain a range of qualifications or awards that are suited to their needs, which will allow them to succeed on the next step of their lives after Manor Green School.

My daughter went through so much before she came to Manor Green School but she is now doing so well and I believe it is because of the dedication of her teacher and support staff  (MGS parent - Summer 2021)

Most importantly, there is clear recognition of the importance of the development of each individual as a person, who will, one day, leave the school environment and live an adult life. We work closely with the families and carers, as well as members of the local community, to ensure that we make predictions about the future destinations of our students and then work back from that to make sense of the "here and now". It is about making every lesson relevant and every learning journey count and ensuring that, once the safety umbrella of formal education shuts, the young person (and their family) are well equipped for the future.

Manor Green School’s motto is that of: “Excellence for All” and the school’s aim is to make that statement a reality. This can only be achieved by everyone’s continuous commitment to not only creating outstanding opportunities for the students, but also attracting the best professionals in the field to work with them. We are always keen to attract, recruit and retain exceptional people and our continuous professional development programme is second to none!

Staff are committed to broadening their skills by engaging in continuous professional development through a range of traditional courses and collaborative research projects. Staff are well-qualified, knowledgeable, caring and supportive, providing a range of curricular and enrichment activities to inspire the students and help them develop a wide variety of skills, interests and talents.

We develop outstanding professionals, many of whom progress through the educational “career ranks”, joining us as Specialist Support Assistants and moving on to Higher Level Teaching Assistant roles with some choosing to enter the teacher training and leadership pathways.

....we couldn't have managed without the support we get from school.  We can only hope that when our daughter goes to college we get the same help.  (MGS parent - Summer 2022)

Professionally, we work as a team and foster the culture of accountability, mutual respect, trust and recognition of everyone’s efforts.

The school has an active Student Council and is officially governed by a team of dedicated parents, school staff and members of the local community. The role of this Governing Body is to set the school’s mission statement and to work with me and, more importantly, keep me, as the Headteacher, accountable for ensuring that the vision for the school and its strategic development leads to high levels of the overall school effectiveness.

My personal and professional motto is: "All different; all equal".    Inclusivity is really important to me, regardless of need or background and I work tirelessly to ensure that the whole school community benefits from the work carried out at Manor Green School.

Should you wish to find out more about the school, or become our local, national or international partner, we really look forward to welcoming you and sharing in these successes.

Joolz Scarlett