The HR Team

Keswick School Head

Helen Reeves

Head of HR Strategy and Development

The HR team:

Head of HR Strategy and Development - Helen Reeves FCIPD

HR Operations' Manager - Anna Weir

HR Officer, Training & Development - Lindsey Tassi

HR Administrators - Asfa Ghani and Jane Cullimore


The HR team is responsible for all matters relating to the School’s workforce including staff, volunteers and work placements. Together, we ensure that our human resources are aligned with the School’s future direction and development.

We support staff and volunteers to deliver their best performance for the benefit of our students with the aim of excellence for all. This includes recruitment and retention, learning and development, reward and engagement and employee relations. We want the School to be a fun and rewarding place to work where, along with the daily challenges, everyone feels included, valued, supported and happy and that they are making a positive contribution to our students’ progress and the overall success of the School.