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Parental feedback

At Manor Green School, we pride ourselves on the cooperation we have with parents and carers of our students. We welcome their feedback about the school and how they feel their child is progressing which we very much value. We strive to continually improve and with your feedback we can ensure we make every effort to serve our school community as best as we possibly can.

Feedback from parents and  carers can be seen below. The comments are truly heart whelming to read and continue to motivate the school to work together to ensure the best education and development of our students.


"My daughter went through so much before she came to Manor Green School but she his now doing so well and I believe it is because of the dedication of her teacher and support staff"
"The most important thing is that the staff respect the parents and work well with us to help our children have a good experience at school"
"We have been extremely happy with our son's class and team!  They have gone above and beyond to provide he best care and support for our son"
"I feel so lucky to have my son at Manor Green.  I sing the school's praises at every opportunity"
"My son has been at manor green school since nursery, he is now in year 1. Those that knew theo before the school will be able to see extreme progress in him.he is mo longer anti social with people and does try to play with others, he still doesn't communicate verbally but has shown independence at home with some stuff which I believe is due to manor green. Manor Green staff has been nothing but accommodating in various ways for both theo and I.  I always recommend to other parents with children that is similar to my son. My son is always super excited for school and he really doesn't get excited for much so it's lovely to see. The staff are always on point ( this includes those that aren't teachers like the receptionist and those in the back office that I have dealt either before) I know my son might not be able to talk but his actions show me that he loves going to school and has a good relationship with those involved with him"
"My son has progressed immensely. The school has supported him and my family so well. Most appreciated."
"Manor Green is an excellent school and we always recommend to other parents. It is a shame that there are not more schools locaaly that offer the same service as the shortage of school places for SEN children is heartbreaking"