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At Manor Green School, we pride ourselves on the cooperation we have with parents and carers of our students. We welcome their feedback about the school and how they feel their child is progressing which we very much value. We strive to continually improve and with your feedback we can ensure we make every effort to serve our school community as best as we possibly can.

Below are some feedback that we have received from our parents and carers. They are truly heart whelming to read and continue to motivate the school to work together to ensure the best education and development of our students.


Manor Green is a very happy and vibrant school, staff are upbeat and full of fun.  We think the school is a credit to the staff and children and always recommend it to others.

Mark and jennie

This is in response to a fantastic conference on Rett Syndromme, held at Manor Green School this week:

"I would first like to say thank you very much for all the incredibly hard work that went into the great organisation which made today run so smoothly and successfully.

It was fantastic to meet you both as well as all the other staff who attended that I hadn't already met yet. Especially wonderful was the incredible energy and enthusiasm from everyone.

When it was time for Alethea to go to school, we spent a long time reviewing all the schools that were at all reachable (we visited 12) and of these we chose Manor Green for our daughter.

We then had to fight really hard to get Alethea in to the school. The evidence today, of so many of your staff so engaged in finding the best ways to communicate with their students and in sharing and developing that knowledge among themselves, was fantastic!

This is how Manor Green continues to become an even better school and a constantly improving environment to deliver 'excellence for all'.

I was particularly impressed, during the working group session, that the concept Josie proposed for the books was considered to be important enough to set as a standard for all similar content across the school, including both secondary and primary school. This shows that the fantastic learning and ideas will spread wonderfully throughout the school's DNA.

The teachers and assistants who have taught Alethea have grown through the journey with us. We have been aware that the children who follow Alethea will benefit from this learning, and now we can see that the path ahead for her has also been paved and that in fact many, many children (not only those with Rett Syndrome) will benefit from these techniques - which will make the whole school an even better place than it already is.

We look forward to the development of all the wonderful reading and writing that Alethea is already doing each day, and we look forward to the day she starts to write full sentences of her own!

Thank you."


Lorna Perry

"I wanted to share a few thoughts about Georgina's progress over recent times.  As you know, Georgina has been a student at Manor Green for many years.  Something I am finding it hard to believe is that she is now in her final year and we are looking towards her transition to East Berkshire College.

Indeed, every single teacher who has worked with Georgina has had a positive impact in her life and I cannot thank them enough. I have so many wonderful memories.  I can recall her reading a poem with such confidence at a primary Christmas production in her snow white dress.  Her dance as the fairy in the Shakespeare production, and the support from her class mates when she was roller-skating in the circus skills production.  My list of memories is endless.  

Georgina's progress over the last two years has been outstanding. It is a joy to see her grow in confidence and ability and this is very much down to the support and care of all the staff at Manor Green School, more recently her form teacher Mr Calvert.

I remember talking to Mrs Hildrey at the last school prom and she felt that Georgina really needed the extra year at school to consolidate her learning and just have a safe space to "grow up a little more".  I felt rather emotional just to see how much of a personal interest Mrs Hildrey took with all her students, doing what is right and in their best interests.   

Mr Calvert has been very supportive.  He has provided such diligent support to Georgina has she takes her first steps into adulthood.  He certainly has a sixth sense and knows how to get the best out of his students.  Georgina has had some wonderful opportunities whilst in his class and risen to the challenges presented to her.  She has loved the work experience opportunities.   She has started with small steps, initially working in the school cafe and library and this has developed into work experience placements at Cox Green library and now at Clean Conscious at Holyport.  It's nice to see Georgina has a positive work ethic at such a young age!   Feedback from the employers has been very positive!

I am very fortunate to have a very supportive family and Georgina benefits from love and care from those closest to her.  She enjoys a very active life outside of school.  We have shared some wonderful times and holidays.  Georgina has demonstrated such mature qualities, in particular when travelling on plans, buses, trains and particularly the tube (she loves her trips to London - and what 19 year old girl wouldn't).  I am sure that this confidence is as a direct result of the learning and support she has received from school.

The next step will be Georgina's transition to college. Georgina is very excited at the prospect of going to college and we are about to start some familiarisation sessions at Windsor college.  These are certainly exciting times!  The support I have personally received from school, either at meetings, via email to over the phone, the school diaries has been so reassuring and positive.

I am more than happy for the contents of the email to be used or circulated as you see fit, the school website, prospectus, correspondence etc.  I recognise how daunting it can be for parents, but I hope Georgina's journey (and we have certainly had our ups and downs) can help others see what can be achieved, in the right environment, with the right support and care. 

My thanks again to all the staff at Manor Green.  Please have lots of tissues ready at the leavers’ assembly!"


"My son has changed so much since coming to Manor Green. He’s happier and more confident. I cannot praise the school highly enough for all their fantastic work. I would recommend this school (and have done!) to other parents." 


“May I please say thank you all so much for all the help you have given Steven over the last two years at Manor Green. You have given me my son back. He has loved his time with you. Thank you all!”