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Dear Parents and Carers

Message from the Headteacher
I just wanted to share with you some further information to clarify what constitutes a concerning cough, as I know this can be ambiguous and there can be anxiety every time someone coughs at all at the moment.
The NHS website defines it as “a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)”
There is also a helpful BBC video that identifies what to look out for
School staff are not medical professionals and I have asked everyone to be vigilant to coughing and I hope this clarifies the type of cough we should all be looking out for and might help us not to worry about every time someone coughs a little bit.  
I would also welcome feedback from parents in regards to the texting system we’ve established following the survey of parents which overwhelmingly indicated that you wanted the information. I know we have been texting a lot recently, I hope it isn’t causing increased anxiety and that the number of negative results are actually reassuring for parents to see. There is bound to be the usual seasonal ‘bugs’ and this is what seems to be causing the high rate of ‘symptoms’.
I hope you all have a great weekend.

Shingles - please note that a member of staff has a suspected case of shingles in Seuss class.  Further information is available from:

Relationships and Sex Education survey - please complete this survey by the 25 September.   Charlotte will arrange an online consultation if anyone is interested.

Parent Plea – can you help us?
We are hoping to resume both our family groups (Hum Jolly and Coffee and Chat) at school as soon as COVID rules permit. However, it would be so lovely to see you before this.
Ideally, we would like to meet every month. Does anyone have any contacts with a community venue we could use, or any other ideas where we could meet through the winter?
Please contact Sharon Carrigan or Katie Gear by ringing the school number (01628 513800) or emailing:

Charity Swim / Holiday of a lifetime 
Laura Hodgson, from the Children's Community Nursing Team, is taking part in a charity swim for Dreamflight:  The charity takes children aged 8-14 with a serious illness or disability on the holiday of a lifetime to the theme parks in Orlando, Florida.  She can be sponsored at: :



covid 19 testing 15.9.20

Dear Parents and Carers

I wanted to write to you as I know there has been a lot of reporting in the press about the current testing situation.
We are aware that some families/children are having difficulty in accessing a test. There seems to have been an under-estimation of the amount of tests that would be needed with schools returning.
We know that children will have colds, coughs and other 'bugs', particularly as we enter the autumn/winter period. This has meant an increase in the tests needed across schools in the last week, as any child with symptoms of Covid-19 has to be tested, even if it’s most likely a cold.
The government advice is very clear that with any symptoms shown, the school is required to ask for the child to be tested and await the result or remain off school for 10 days before any entry back into school. This, of course, doesn't just affect the child, but any siblings and the family as well, who then have to self-isolate for 14 days or until there is a negative result.
I would like to share a very useful piece of information with you. When booking online for a test, 8pm in the evening or 10am in the morning are the best times to logon to try for a test centre closer to you.  At 8pm they reset and open up appointments for the next morning. At 10am they open up appointments for the remainder of the afternoon on that day. So, for example, trying to book a test at 8 or 9 am in the morning is currently likely to not be very successful. I hope this information may be of some help to you.
In addition, if you do have to do a postal test, please ensure you post the test back in a priority post-box. This is included in the instructions, but some people aren't using the correct post-box and there is no guarantee then that the results will definitely get back to you in good time, or even at all.  Information about priority post boxes and where to find them can be found at:

Further advice provided, is that if a test is needed for a child, only try to get a test for the person or persons with symptoms - not the rest of the family. This will also help the overall system cope with the demands being placed on it.
It is so important that all families follow the guidance and do not send children to school with symptoms, however mild, as you are putting others at risk by doing so.
I do want to say thank you to those parents who, whilst inconvenienced, have done the right thing and worked with us in following the guidelines for all of the school community’s safety.
Kind regards
Joolz Scarlett



confirmed case of covid 19 in school 9.9.20

Dear Parents and Carers

I attach a letter from the Headteacher concerning the confirmed case of Covid 19 in school.



Dear Parents and Carers

Further to the Headteacher's message yesterday, I attach the updated Operational ProtocolPlease ensure you take note of the updates highlighted in yellow.  It is also available from the website.




Dear Parents and Carers

Message from the Headteacher

Welcome back to the new school year!
We’ve been delighted to welcome back around 80% of our students this week and conversations should be underway between teachers and families of students who are not currently returning, so we can make arrangements for education to continue at home.
We recognise that the arrival and departure arrangements were quite challenging initially. The additional measures we’ve put in place have both enabled better social distancing and flow of traffic. To enable this to continue we do need parents to cooperate by not arriving at the school before their allotted time. I can confirm the times for next week are:

  • Parents drop off at 8.50 (you can arrive from 8.45) and collect at 14.30 (you can arrive from 14.15).   If this collection time causes you problems, please contact your class teacher.
  • Transport drop off at 9.10 and collect at 2.45.
  • We also respectfully request that parents cooperate with transport having a later pick up time from home than previously due to the transport arrival slot being later. Transport vehicles are turned away from school if they arrive early and they need to time their journeys with this in mind. Break times have been shortened to ensure learning time is not lost.

A reminder that students can wear masks if they are capable of taking them off themselves.  We are not making this compulsory as many of our students will find wearing them and removing them safely a challenge.
We are making a few changes to the protocol today, you will receive an email with the new one with highlighted changes.  This will then be published on the website on Monday.
Can I take this opportunity to remind you of your commitment to helping the school manage the risk of Covid19 by keeping your child off school if they are displaying symptoms or even if they seem out of sorts. They must also stay at home if someone in the household has symptoms and should now only return to school after 10 days unless there is a negative test result. Not everyone with the virus displays symptoms  and science is still finding new things we need to be aware of, such as the news today that sickness and diarrhoea could be a significant symptom to watch out for in children. Fortunately it is now quick and easy to get tested if you have concerns, as the walk in clinic in Slough is fairly close and doesn’t require an appointment.  
Please keep the lines of communication open, we are listening to feedback and we want to work closely with our whole school community to keep everyone as safe as possible.
We hope you have a good weekend.
Kind Regards

Other messages:

  • An updated version of the Key Diary Dates for term 1 is attached.  Please note that all assemblies will be held virtually and some of the meetings shown may be cancelled.  You will be notified as decisions are made.
  • Please remember to advise the office of any changed contact details:
  • The website is being updated but please bear with us if not all information is updated immediately.  This will be completed as soon as possible.
  • We have 18 Year 9 students receiving the HPV vaccinations on Monday, 7 September.  You will have received the appropriate information if your child is involved. 
  • We will be holding a virtual awards' assembly next Friday, 11 September and students who received awards in the summer term, which would normally have been presented at the end of term assemblies, will be presented with trophies and medals in class.
  • Thank you to parents who have  donated books for our library. As we have had such a great response, we will not be accepting anymore books until after Christmas. 



Dear Parents/Carers

The school nursing team are coming to school on 17th September to administer the flu vaccine to our students. Please see attached the electronic form which needs to be completed and sent back by 15th Sept.  If you have any questions please contact School Reception on  01628 513800.





Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you to everyone who has already completed both questionnaires.  Please accept my apologies for the problems being experienced today with the Covid 19 questionnaire.  I am including a new link to it below.  If you haven't yet completed both questionnaires, please do so today.

Parental Questionnaire Covid 19 (July 2020) 
Photograph / Video consent

Please note the start and finish times for this week:

  • Parents: Drop off at 9:00 and pick up at 14:15
  • Transport: Drop off at 9:15 and pick up at 14:30
  • The Link: Drop off at 9.30 and pick up at 14:30



reminder: school questionnaires to be completed before the start of term 25.8.20

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you to those parents who have already completed the questionnaires sent out at the end of term.  It is important that all parents complete both questionnaires before the start of term on the 2nd September.  

If you receive this email and your child has left Manor Green School, please accept my apologies.




Dear Parents and Carers

I hope you are enjoying the holidays and managing to cope with the heat!

Please remember to respond to the two questionnaires shared at the end of term before we return to school in September:

If you didn't manage to attend one of the end of term Zoom meeting updates with the Headteacher and Parent Governors regarding arrangements for the return to school, you might find the presentation useful. Please click here.

School Transport
If you wish to resume school transport for September, you need to contact your local authority.  Please note the government advice on the wearing of face masks:




Dear Parents and Carers

Following questions raised at the zoom sessions held by the Headteacher and Governors yesterday, please be aware that teachers will not be continuing with online sessions during the summer holidays.  However, there are a wealth of resources on the Information page of the school's website to support those of you who wish to continue with your child's studies.

You might also find the lessons provided by the Oak National Academy helpful.

In preparation for September, we are also seeking permission in relation to the streaming of lessons for home learning and would be grateful if you could complete this additional questionnaire before the end of the summer holidays.




Dear Parents/Carers
Message from the Headteacher
Thank you for all your support and understanding over this very challenging period. We know it hasn’t been an easy time for so many of our families. We will remain contactable for parents over the summer should you need us, Warren will check his emails and phone messages twice a week so please contact him in the usual way if you need to.
You will have received the updated Covid19 Operating Protocol and Risk Assessment already; it is also on the website.  We will email any updates necessary due to Government advice changing over the summer before term starts.  
We hope you have a relaxing summer break and we look forward to reopening fully in September and welcoming the majority of our students back to school.
Take care and stay safe.
Joolz Scarlett
FSM vouchers - We are aware that there have been previous activation problems with the vouchers and so have brought the date forward to ensure everything is OK before the school closes for the summer.  For vouchers that have been posted to you, the new activation date is 20/7/20 which means they expire on the 19/8/20.  The activation date for electronically sent vouchers remains unchanged and is 27/7/20 with an expiry date of 26/8/20.  These will be emailed on the 27/7/20.
Parental Questionnaire – please ensure you complete the questionnaire included in the Head’s recent letter as soon as possible and before the beginning of term
Zoom meeting with the Headteacher and Parent Governors today – as per the Head’s recent letter you are invited to discuss the arrangements for returning to school in September:
7pm: Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 859 4011 9970 Password: 5MP2LH
Medication letters – two letters and the ‘Request for school to give medication’ form are being sent home by post before the school closes on Wednesday. Please look out for them. These are also available from the website:

Autumn term lunch menu – the menu is attached and is available from the website.  Recipes will be available from the website before the start of term.
Key Diary Dates – these are attached for term 1 and the full year will be available from the website before the start of the new academic year.  Please note that all parent meetings for term 1 are yet to be confirmed and may be held virtually or cancelled.  A hard copy of these dates is also attached as the list may be useful.  The majority of assemblies will be held virtually for term 1 and parents will not be invited.
A school map, showing the layout of classrooms, is available from the website
An end of term letter from RBWM is attached.
The school is continually adding any links that  might be of interest to you to the Information page on the Parents' site of the school website so please check it out if you are in need of any support. The following have been added since the last update:

  • Lockdown Art Exhibition
  • Department for Education – 10 top tips to encourage children to read in support of Reading Together Day

Department for Education updates continue to be added to the school website.  We now have a dedicated page: Covid 19 DfE Updates 



Dear Parents and Carers

With reference to Friday's email regarding important information: please accept my apologies as the parental questionnaire link was contained in the Head's letter and was not an attached document.




Dear Parents and Carers

Attached to this email are important documents which you need to read:

If you have any questions, please contact me using the direct email below.




Dear Parents and Carers
With reference to the Headteacher's email of the 8 July, please note that the deadline for your responses to the questionnaire is 9am tomorrow, Tuesday, 14 July.  Please complete the questionnaire if you possibly can, as your feedback is important to us and will help us make appropriate decisions for the future.



weekly update 10.7.20

Dear Parents and Carers

Free School Meal Vouchers
A reminder that vouchers for the summer period will be either posted or emailed to parents on the 27/7/20.  Please remember that they have a one month expiry date.

RBWM post-16 school transport
RBWM are no longer sending out forms.  Applications should be made annually online here:   
The deadline is the 1 August 2020.

Reminder and update from RBWM: Consultation on new provision for children with special educational needs
The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead is proposing to open new facilities for children with special educational needs.  These Resource Bases, attached to schools, will be for children with social communication difficulties and related behaviours.  The Royal Borough wants your views on these proposals.
Since we started consultation in June, a new option has been put forward, and we are now asking for your views on this.  You can find out more on our consultation webpages here.The consultation period has been extended until Friday 31st August 2020.  
 As the consultation has been running for a few weeks, you may have already completed the survey.  If you wish to comment on the new option, we've added a short additional survey for that option only.  If you have not yet submitted any response, you can still complete the whole survey, which now includes all of the options, including the new one.  Both surveys are available on our consultation webpages
Thank you, and we look forward to receiving your views.

Thames Valley Adventure Playground
TVAP has reopened, albeit in a much reduced format.  They are currently offering two sessions a day (10am – 12.30pm and 1.30pm – 4pm) for families of children and adults with special needs.  The indoor areas are closed at the moment, but  most of the outdoor equipment  is open and they hope to get the sensory room open from next week – keep an eye on the Website for updates.  Sessions for children are on Tues, Wed, Thurs and Sat each week. While adults can visit on a Friday.

Prime Minister's address to school leavers
Today at 10am, the Prime Minister gave an address to all school leavers which is available on Facebook and YouTube.

JCQ - Exam Awarding System
The process for this year’s awarding system can be viewed here:   Further information and key dates on the autumn series planned for England will be provided before 13 August 2020.

The school is continually adding any links that  might be of interest to you to the Information page on the Parents' site of the school website so please check it out if you are in need of any support. The following have been added since the last update:

  • Usports - virtual and socially distanced sports' sessions

Department for Education updates continue to be added to the school website.  We now have a dedicated page: 
Covid 19 DfE Updates 


Inclusion Summit
We need your feedback regarding timing and content for this years Inclusion Summit.  The survey is mobile friendly and only takes a couple of minutes to fill in - the link can be found here:

Parental Needs Survey 
We are always looking at improving our service and want to understand some more about parental needs over the school summer holidays and our term time opening hours.  We would be really grateful if you could take the time to fill in our survey - there are 5 questions and it takes on average 1 minute to complete it. All you need to do it click on the link below and it will take you directly to the survey.  We will use this information to inform decisions about our service , it is really important to us that we understand your needs. The survey will close on 22nd July.




Message from the Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers

We are currently preparing the school’s plans for September and there will be more information to follow before the end of term; however, there is a key question we want to consult parents on before we finalise our refreshed Covid19 Operational Protocol and risk assessment.

Since increasing our numbers in June we have been temporarily closing bubbles whenever we had a member of staff or a student experiencing symptoms. When we open fully in September we will be treating whole classes as bubbles and need to decide if we will still operate in this way, or if we follow the government guidance, which is to only close classes if an individual gets a positive test result.

Our reasons for temporarily closing classes when there is a suspected case would be to protect our school community from potential transmission of the virus when people are infectious before they are symptomatic. We know some of our students will not cooperate with the testing procedure, which will mean it’s not possible to get a result for them. Also, in September we will be welcoming back many of our students who have been shielding up to now, so there will be more students in school with additional medical needs which could make them more vulnerable if they were to be infected.

However, we also know that students have already had significant disruption to their learning.  Temporarily closing classes whilst awaiting test results will be disruptive and some of our students will not understand the change of routine. We are also aware that, as we enter the autumn term, there will be an increase in the normal coughs and colds which will mean more false alarms.

We are asking all parents to complete this short survey to help us gauge parental opinion:




Dear Parents and Carers

By now we would usually have already held our annual leavers’ assembly, but due to the pandemic situation we find ourselves in were unable to go ahead with it.

However, we couldn’t allow our students to go on to the next adventure in their lives without celebrating their time here at Manor Green School and so we are holding a Leavers’ Picnic for them on  Friday 17 July from 12-00 to 13-30.  Unfortunately, we cannot invite all of Upper School to the picnic for obvious reasons, but we will set up a Zoom meeting so that students can join in virtually if they wish.  

On the day we will set up a link and share it with you via email.  We hope you can join us! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on my direct school email below.





Dear Parents and Carers

  • Hughes bubble will be back in school next week
  • Student reports, class lists for 2020-21 and transition books will be sent home next week.  They may be sent home on different  days for different departments so please don't expect them to arrive at the same time.  Virtual Meet the Team sessions will be arranged with you by the class team.
  • The 2021-2022 term dates are now available from the website:
  • 'There she goes', the series that was filmed in school last year is due to air on BBC 2 on Tuesday. 

We are continually adding any links that we think might be of interest to you to the Information page on the Parents' site of the school website so please check it out if you are in need of any support. The following have been added since the last update:

  • Public Health England - further resources for parents and carers

Department for Education updates continue to be added to the school website.  We now have a dedicated page: Covid 19 DfE Updates 

Dear All,
Our friends at PACIP have set up a virtual call about the 5 new resource provision bases consultation.
They will be joined by:
·     Ben Wright School Places and Capital Team Leader - School Support Services,
·     Helen Huntley SEND Consultant, School Improvement
·     David Griffiths SEND Manager.
Please find the link below for the consultation which ends on the 17th July.
PACIP want to give parents and carers the opportunity to ask questions about the consultation.
Please sign up below using Eventbrite - once registered you will be sent the Zoom joining details.
Eventbrite link for the meeting on the 9th of July at 11am.

Buckinghamshire Council have an exciting new opportunity!
In partnership with colleagues from Health, FACT Bucks and SEND IAS, we will be running FREE training sessions to support families caring for or professionals working with children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). 
All our specialist trainers have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you.
The training is open to professionals from across the Local Authority, health colleagues, schools and parents/carers who are supporting children and young people with SEND.
Courses include:

Please see the Eventbrite links above (click on the dates for each course which are hyperlinked) for more information and to book a place. 
Sessions will be face to face unless Government guidance advises otherwise.




Dear Parents and Carers

By the end of this week, families who are eligible for Free School Meals will receive £30 in vouchers per child  to cover the remaining two weeks of term, i.e. the weeks beginning 6th and 13th July. 

During the week beginning 13th July we will be sending out a £90 voucher per child to cover the summer holiday period.  Please note that the summer holiday is 6 weeks, but the summer vouchers will expire in 4 weeks so you mustn't wait too long to redeem your vouchers.

The school's activation date will be 20/07/20 so your vouchers will expire on 20/08/20.




Dear Parents / Carers

The Covid 19 test result for the Secondary Link is negative and so the bubble will be back in school next week.

Please note that our free subscription to TTRockstars and Numbots is ending 30th June. We will not be subscribing due to only a few students using this website. We hope those who were able to try it enjoyed the games.