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Nurture is rooted in every class as part of our whole school approach; embedding the Nurture principles in to all of our classes helps to create a safe and stimulating environment where children can feel safe and secure and therefore develop their individual needs further. Using a whole school approach to Nurture offers a range of opportunities to engage with early nurturing experiences at an age appropriate level for each of our classes; helping to develop their resilience and their capacity to deal more confidently with aspects of their daily life as they move through the school.

Every student at Manor Green School is baselined using The Boxall Profile; an invaluable resource for the assessment of our students' social, emotional and behavioural development. Understanding the SEMH needs of students is essential in developing our whole school approach to improving mental health and behaviour in our school (; this, then, in turn supports how learning is accessed and created in order to best support each of our students’ individual needs.

The Six Principles of Nurture

  1. Children’s learning is understood developmentally.
  2. The classroom offers a safe base
  3. The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing
  4. Language is a vital means of communication
  5. All behaviour is communication
  6. The importance of transition in children’s lives.


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