Therapies at Manor Green School

Therapies at Manor Green School 

The school work with a team of Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust Therapists to support students in achieving positive outcomes and maximising their potential. The Manor Green Therapy Team includes Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

All Manor Green students have access to a universal service where the Therapy Team:

• Work in the classroom with school staff to support the implementation of therapeutic strategies into the daily class timetable
• Support class staff to meet the specific needs of their children through implementation of  social, sensory and/or physical groups 
• Provide training packages for school staff to develop their skills in supporting students to achieve their optimum level of function
• Are available in school to answer questions and give advice to school staff and families at dedicated ‘drop in’ times.

Some Manor Green students may need greater contact with the Therapy Team and this may include:

• Assessment; therapists will take into account the family’s, the school’s and the student’s specific needs when assessing their physical and communication skills. Therapists will ask the family, school staff and the student  about the impact of their difficulties and work with all involved to agree functional and realistic goals and agree how everyone can work together to reach them. The Therapy Team offers an integrated approach to assessment and care planning so that everyone around the student is supporting the student to achieve their goals.

• Intervention; therapists will provide intervention when it will make a positive impact on the student’s needs. This means that throughout the student’s time at Manor Green School they may move in and out of the Therapy Team’s care, depending upon their needs at a given time. At all times the student will access the universal service. Each class has a dedicated therapist who is ready to respond when a student’s needs change. Intervention is delivered in a variety of ways by both school staff and members of the Therapy Team. This may be via regular participation in tailored therapy programmes, group activities or individual sessions. Parents and carers are also supported to participate in their child’s therapy programme at home.

Speech and Language Therapy

This part of the Therapy Team specialises in assessing and supporting students who have speech, language and communication difficulties that affect their ability to communicate with others and learn. Speech and Language Therapists also assess and support students with eating and drinking problems. Therapy for speech and language can deliver life-changing results, however small these may seem. At Manor Green School we strive to assist students in making important steps towards reaching their potential.

Our therapies help students to:
• Understand language used by those around them
• Express what they think, feel, want or need
• Develop appropriate social interaction skills
• Develop their feeding skills

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy Team specialises in supporting and promoting functional independence in all areas of daily living skills, including self-care, play and learning activities.  Every Manor Green School student is unique and our plans are specific to the needs and support that each individual requires. It is our intention to support each student’s ability to participate fully in their school day-to-day life, with confidence and enjoyment. 

Occupational therapy supports students and class staff to:

• Modify activity and the environment to support their functional development 
• Develop self-care skills
• Improve their organisation and self-management skills
• Develop fine motor and visual perceptual skills
• Manage their sensory processing needs

OTs  also provide assessment and support for:

• Adaptive equipment
• Modifications to the school environment to make a task easier
• Advice on basic hand splinting needs


This part of the Therapy Team specialises in assessing and treating children with difficulties that affect their movement and physical development and can work with students to prevent deformity associated with existing conditions.  The team utilise specialist methods to increase muscle strength whilst improving joint movement and flexibility, reducing aches and pains. Techniques such as exercise, stretches and positioning, and hydrotherapy are used to ensure all children are at their most mobile.

Our therapies help students to:

• Develop gross motor skills to the best of their ability

We also advise on:

• Postural needs
• Joint care
• Specialist equipment including seating, walkers and standing frames
• Footwear and splinting

Emotional Support for students at Manor Green School